Work Party Update

11 Mar 2012 2:21 PM | Anonymous
What a tremendous amount of great work got done this weekend at the work party! Thanks so much to the dedicated members and local enthusiasts who came out to help us improve the track.
Several projects were undertaken this weekend. One of the most exciting was the building of a new mini-track for the kids which was spearheaded by Ryan Bradley of 'Bradley Excavating' and assisted by the boys from 'Talboy Contracting'.

Craig Weme and his son Stephen showed up from 'Craig's Bobcat' and went to work laying pipe to help drainage in some of the track's swampy, low-lying areas. This could be the best thing to happen for the track itself in a long time. Most of the track is in fantastic shape already this season, if we can get a few low areas to drain better the track will be mint!

New members Dave and Angie Martell also showed up with a Bobcat. Dave worked with Frank Syrotuck on the starting gate area and filled puddles on the track while their wives planted flowers, pulled weeds, and generally made the site a more beautiful place. Also in attendance were the Scheres and Johnson families who made the trek over from Saltspring Island along with the Bradleys.

NMA is so grateful to all the people who came out to make the track better this weekend. This is the beauty of a volunteer non-profit track...the members have the power to make the track as good as they want to make it! The Wastelands is a National caliber track, and with the kind of support we saw this weekend the track executive hope we can provide a top flight track day in and day out for its members. We are in the process of devising a maintenance program that will keep the track at its best throughout the summer. Stay posted to find out how you can help!!
Thanks again!
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