We're looking for a Motocross Referee and ...

17 Feb 2015 10:24 AM | Anonymous

The racing season starts in just 7 weeks and we are looking for a Motocross Referee and Race Results Coordinator. These two paid positions are imperative for our races to happen this year. 

VIMX will be providing a training clinic for the positions above and Flaggers on Saturday, March 7 at Wastelands.

The Motocross Referee: The race official, or “the Boss". This would be a great job for any ex-racers out there looking to earn some extra cash!

The Race Results Coordinator: Tally’s up and enters the race results into the computer system with the assistance of the Compiler. This is a good position for anyone with computer experience and it’s also a paid position.

We also need help with the following paid positions on race days:

Start Gate (operates the start gate)

Lap Counters (records racer's laps)

Announcer (operates the PA system and broadcasts the race)

Compiler (assists the Race Results Coordinator)

30 Second Board
(starts the race)

Staging (organizes racers before going to the start gate)

Front Gate (collects admission)

Flaggers (ensures the safety of racers by using warning flags)

The following NMA Board Executive positions are also still available: Site Manager, Track Manager and Watering Manager

REMEMBER, the racing doesn't happen without your support. Please let us know if you or someone you know would be interested in any of these positions by emailing us at info@nanaimomx.com.

Best regards, The Nanaimo Motocross Association "Let’s MX it Up!"

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