NMA/R.E.Cycle Thursday Night Club Races

14 Jun 2013 10:25 AM | Anonymous

NMA/R.E.Cycle Summer Series

Dates: July 11, July 25, August 1, August 8, August 15

Times:  5-6pm - Watering

              6-7pm - Practice

              7-9pm - Racing

 $10 per class - NMA members get second class for half price.

The series will be run on a shortened track like last year.

Class Distinction

In addition to the classes we ran last year, if there are sufficient riders interested we will add a 'Pee-Wee' class for real little beginners, and run it on an ultra-shortened track like at Nationals.

Big Bike A: Anyone who thinks they're pretty fast, like Pros, Intermediates, and hot-shot Juniors.

Big Bike B: Those more modest in their claims to speed. Like older guys, beginners, mid-pack and back juniors, and possibly fast  Supermini riders who want to move up to the big bike world.

Under/Over 30: Pretty much self explanatory...not for mini bikes.

Small Wheel A: Faster 85's and 150F's, with 14"/17" wheels.

Small Wheel B: Newer riders and slower 85's, all 65's, and possibly some competent, confident 50cc riders.

Open Mini: A chance for all 100/85/65 bikes to race a second class, and see where they stand against faster kids.

Pee Wee: For those 50cc, PW, CRF riders, and maybe some rookie 65cc riders who don't want to go up against the Open Mini bikes. This will be run on a 'ultra-shortened' track!

* Series promoters, NMA, and Referee will have final say in what class a rider rides in.


R.E.Cycle will donate $500 in prizes for the series as a title sponsor, and Seehorse Media will donate photographs for trophies.


Race results and series points will be posted online. Prizes will be given away, hopefully at an NMA race in the fall.

Volunteer Requests

We will need people to help water between 5pm and 6pm, and about half a dozen people to view the racing from directly trackside...with flags in their hands! We'll also need one finish line person, and one lap counter. Your involvement is how this works! Thank-You!



  • 14 Jun 2013 6:20 PM | Anonymous
    Awesome! As the world's oldest novice, this is right up my alley. Maybe I'll get Angie on the starting line this year.
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    • 14 Jun 2013 9:57 PM | Anonymous
      Look forward to seeing you there Dave and Angie!
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  • 04 Apr 2014 10:26 PM | Michael Cutler
    Pumped to once again be an NMA Member after 10 plus years of not riding!!!! Great to be back! My almost 6 year old son and I are hoping the evening club races are on for 2014??? Would be great to introduce him to racing without having to commit to island series.
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