CMRC makes changes and amendments to rule book in 2013

04 Apr 2013 1:54 PM | Deleted user
Changes have been made to the CMRC Rule Book for the 2013 Season. Definitely something to check out before heading into the 2013 race season on the Island or wherever your racing career takes you in Canada. A quick run-down of the changes are listed below. 

Chapter 1 – B) 2:

Capacity limit for the MX2 class now allows 250cc two-strokes for the Pro class.
250cc four-strokes are now eligible to compete in the Schoolboy class.

Chapter 1 – C) 2: The advancement points required to advance from Beginner to Junior has been increased from 6 points to 10 points.

Chapter 2 – G) 3: Procedures for Red Flag Stops and Restarts

Addition – 3): In the event a race is ended due to a red flag, the rider that caused the red flag will receive last place points. If two riders or more caused the red flag, they will be scored last (ie. second last then last, etc.) according to their positions the lap prior to the red flag.

Chapter 3 – A) 1: Redefined – The displacement of each engine cylinder is calculated by the geometric formula, which gives the volume of a cylinder; the diameter is represented by the bore, and the height by the space swept by the piston from its highest to lowest point:

Displacement = (D/2)² x 3.1416 x C *

Where D = bore

And     C = stroke

* Divide by 1,000 for cubic centimeters

Chapter 7 – A) 7: Addition: The name of any entrant that lodges a protest will be withheld by the CMRC and will remain confidential.


Chapter 1 – B): The four-stroke capacity limit for the 65cc class has been increased to 100cc.

Chapter 3 – A) 17: Aftermarket cylinder heads are permitted for the Super Mini class.

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