Nationals Work Party #2 - Volunteers Needed

  • 07 May 2011
  • 08 May 2011
  • Nanaimo Wastelands Track

The Vancouver Island Motocross Association (VIMX) is having the 2nd of 3 scheduled Nationals work parties on May 7/8 at the Nanaimo Wastelands track to prepare for the upcoming Amateur Day and Monster Energy MX Nationals Round 2 event on June 11/12.  As always, we need volunteers from ALL the Island clubs to come help for all or part of this weekend, and for the final scheduled Work Party #3 on May 28/29.

The continued and new activities planned for this weekend include...

  • Site and track infield grooming
  • Wildflower seeding
  • Bark mulch spreading
  • Fencing repairs and rebuilds
  • Remove fencing for new chain link fence
  • Cleaning, scraping and preparation for painting (grandstands, fencing tower, bridge, centre tower, etc.)
  • Painting (grandstands, fencing, tower, bridge, centre tower, etc.)
  • Clean-up junk around track
  • Remove broom and weeds around site and track
  • Planting trees, shrubs, etc.
  • Clean and paint start gates
  • Clean and repair flagger stations
  • Clean out tower and track centre tower
  • Level bottom parking area
  • Improve track and site drainage
  • Finish leveling campsites
  • Other activities

The work parties run from approx. 10am through 6pm each day and the track will be available to ride after 3pm each day.  If you're able to come help out please send an email to info@nanaimomx.com with when you're available so we have some idea of number of people.

Please come out and help VIMX and all the member clubs get ready for the season and the Nationals event!

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